Events for 2020

Sunday 16th February – Melbourne Gun Club

Sunday 19th April – Melbourne Gun Club

Sunday 17th May – Westernport F&G
(Mark Brenton Memorial)

Saturday 30th May –
Rifle Shoot at Marong Rifle Club

Sunday 21st June – Melbourne Gun Club (Vintagers 20th Anniversary)

Saturday 18th July– Kilmore F&G

Sunday 9th August – Frankston Australian CTC (AGM)

Sunday 15th November – Melbourne Gun Club
(Vintage Cup)

Victorian Members! Is your firearms licence about to expire?

Please check the expiry date as ultimately you are responsible for renewing your licence.

Sometimes notices for renewal are not sent and therefore it is recommended that you renew a month before the expiry date so as to avoid going through the mundane tests etc.

If you have overlooked the expiry date you will receive a letter from the Victoria Police Licensing Services Division advising that you will have to dispose of your firearms. Please pass this message on to your friends and colleagues.

Secure your Firearms!

When at a range, firearms not being used MUST be locked in your vehicle.

Police have been checking vehicles at clubs to see that shooters are not leaving guns in unlocked cars.

Random checks will continue to occur more frequently at Gun Clubs, so please be sure to lock your guns away when not in use, and store ammunition correctly.

Police will confiscate firearms that are not secured properly and there is a risk of losing your license as well as being charged.